Breaking News: Heavy is the Head – Zac Brown Band (feat. Chris Cornell)

I’m only a couple weeks late on this gem!  Yesterday the radio was a gold mine, and I happened to catch the soothing vocals of Chris Cornell soon after hearing Nate Ruess’ new single.  I love good radio days.  This is the second single for the Zac Brown Band’s upcoming “Jekyll + Hyde”, and I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the Zac Brown Band, but I love Chris Cornell, and this is an excellent song.

  • The country rock style fits Cornell’s sometimes…nasally, twangy tone?  I’m not sure how to describe Cornell’s voice adequately.  Other than amazing.  People who don’t like him might call it ‘whiney’ (not my words, I adore this man).
  • It’s a pretty stock topic (heavy crowns, kings and queens, beheadings, etc.), but it’s a good stock topic, and well treated in this song.
  • I approve more collaboration between these two.  I need to relisten to the latest Soundgarden album, but it didn’t really do it for me.  Nevertheless, there is never enough Chris Cornell in the world, and he can really knock singles/collaborations out of the park.

I might have to check out this album when it comes out: it might only have Cornell here, but the vocals and musical talent of the Zac Brown Band hold their own and don’t get lost in the collaboration.  So.  Could be good!


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