Breaking News (To Me): Nothing Without Love – Nate Ruess

It is always with some anxiety that you watch members of a band you love do solo projects.  fun. is one of those bands, with at least Jack Antonoff’s project (Bleachers’ album, “Strange Desire”) and now Nate Ruess’ solo project being awaited.  But today was the first day I heard of that project when this gem popped on the radio!  The single dropped at the end of February, and the album is due in June.  It’s hard to be too anxious when both solo projects have a lot of charm.

Of note for now:

  • I love Nate’s thread of allusions with previous projects–“I wish a gust of wind would come and carry me home” and the mention to Empire State (referencing “We Are Young”), and I feel like there might be some reference to “Sight of the Sun”.  fun. has a long tradition of self-referential work, so well done again.
  • Nice facial expression at 3:38.  lol.
  • Warning for random destruction of pianos
  • I like that the music video gives you some ‘real’ singing without the music at the beginning and end.  Nate really does have a great voice and amazing energy.  If you ever get a chance to go see him or fun. in concert, you absolutely should.

Well, something to look forward to this summer!


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