Breaking News: The Wolf – Mumford & Sons, Ship to Wreck – Florence + the Machine

(video warning: domestic violence…honestly, I’m not sure what’s happening in the video.  People fight.)

No commentary today, but these two singles dropped yesterday, so I wanted to earmark them.

  • “The Wolf” – Mumford & Sons: If you haven’t heard the grumbling about the new Mumford & Sons, this is one of the contentious songs.  It’s their band, and they can make whatever music they want, but I remain skeptical.  I think I like it more now than the first time I listened to it, and you can see where it’s coming from if you listen to some of the heavier songs on their first albums.  I’ll withhold full judgment until I listen to the whole album, “Wilder Mind”–May 4th.
  • “Ship to Wreck” – Florence + the Machine: no departing here, but I have to admit, I have “Ceremonials” up on a sort of pedestal compared to their first album.  So again, we’ll see where “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” falls–June 2nd.

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