Breaking News: Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

I haven’t listened to all of Adam Lambert’s material, but confession that I really love “For Your Entertainment” and his work with Queen.  Come on.  If it involves Queen, I’m totally biased to like it.  My hope beyond hope is that Adam Lambert, Brian May, and Roger Taylor will do more collaboration of *new* material, and then everyone will win.

But I digress.  Here is Adam’s new single from today, taken from his upcoming album, “The Original High” (6/16).

  • It shows good range from dance pop to actually demonstrating his vocal talent (esp. 2:37).
  • Although, okay, the beat at 0:46 undercuts some of the power (I was just listening to Brian May talk about “Love Kills,” the disco song turned ballad, and I was reminded of that here.  Knowing society, the whole track will be remixed to a club song following that refrain, but the verses between are really the better part).
  • It’s pop, what more do you really want from it?

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