Album Roundup

Wow, it’s been a while!  And there are MANY ALBUMS that I missed before/have been released this month.  So I think beginning a semi-monthly roundup is a better way than trying to address each album individually.  So to touch on the ones that I’ve been listening to:

  1. Bombadil: “Hold On” (March 2015) was on my radar before but dropped off, so I just listened to it recently.  A fairly average album, only a couple songs really caught my attention.
  2. Muse: “Drones” (June 2015) had not been on my radar, so I was very happy to catch the single “Dead Inside” on the radio.  I find their attempts at politics/conspiracy theory not my thing, so starting with “Black Holes and Revelations” there’s usually a few tracks to skip.  This is no exception, but the music is sound.  I think I might do a “Best of” for Muse soon.  They’re such a productive band (it seems like they’re always coming out with a new album, even if you ignore the performance albums), and I’ve seen them in concert twice.  Legit.
  3. Florence + the Machine: “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” (June 2015) is solid.  I personally prefer the imagery and darkness of “Ceremonials,” but the vocals, as always, are lovely.  I think I need to listen to it more to see if I can truly appreciate it, but thematically, I think it touches me less.
  4. Of Monsters and Men: “Beneath is Skin” (June 2015) is amazing.  I love their first album, and I think it maintains all the best things–the haunting vocals, the emphasis on natural and creative.  Iceland ftw–another great band in concert, which surprised me in a very pleasant way.
  5. Lenka: “The Bright Side” (June 2015) I will realistically not listen to again.  Her first album stuck with me, and I remember quite enjoying her second album, but it isn’t a style and a depth of imagery that reaches me anymore.
  6. Nate Ruess: “Grand Romantic” (June 2015) works very well.  You can tell that, despite the vocalist, this is not fun. (the band…not the adjective.  It’s entertaining but it’s not fun.  This will quickly become a confusing synopsis).  It lacks something to be that band, but it is endearing in its own ways, maintains the trend of allusion, and has an excellent level of melancholy.  Definitely will be listening to this a lot this summer.
  7. Adam Lambert: “The Original High” (June 2015) I honestly don’t remember listening to already.  I knew there was a seventh, and this was released in June, so it must have been the one on my list.  But I guess in the wake of Muse, Of Monsters and Men, and Nate Ruess, it didn’t stand out.  Sorry, Adam.  But “Lucy” features Brian May, and there is nothing else that I want more in my life than more Queen + Adam Lambert collaborations.  This song also make references to the Diamond Dogs and everything, so this album deserves to be listened to more closely.

There were a lot of other albums out this month, too, but my tastes tended towards these.  I’d say Of Monsters and Men and Nate Ruess are the best of this group, too.  Haunting melodrama all the way!

More playlists and things coming soon…


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