Top Ten: Favorite Albums to Write With

As someone who enjoys writing and music, I love listening to music while I write.  Sometimes I’ll just listen to something random, but I also create playlists for the stories I write as I go.  This list isn’t directed to any particular story of mine, but these are some albums that have been particularly influential and show up often on my playlists.  This is a good list for fantasy, the genre I usually write.  Many of these albums wouldn’t be quite as relevant for…you know…cookbooks.  But who knows!  Certainly some are more generally good for the human experience.

10) Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin -> a remix of instrumental video game music, perfect for concentration (and for nostalgia)

9) Bastille: All This Bad Blood -> I actually find this one particularly useful to concentrate on academic writing (go figure), but it’s intelligent and energetic.

8) Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball -> This is one of the older classics.  I don’t listen to it as much anymore, but her emotional, ethereal style is classic in my opinion.

7) Loreena McKennitt: The Visit -> The other older classic (older classic defined as what I listened to more in high school than now), but its Old World style (and rendering of Tennyson) inspired creativity.

6) Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More -> An album thoughtfully engaged with the Western tradition but also modern and emotional.

5) Muse: Showbiz -> Muse in general has a lovely range, and its earlier albums have more heart and personal depth (although the later stuff is great for dystopian futures).

4) Of Monsters and Men: My Head is An Animal -> Obscure but artistic lyrics are fantastic for stirring the creativity to finish the story.

3) Queen: Queen -> All of Queen is also good, but for fantasy, the first few albums are more romantic (in the melancholic, fantastical sense of the word) and full of breadth.

2) Audioslave: Out of Exile -> I think the second album of Audioslave is the best, and its songs (more than the other two, although the others are also amazing) overall maintain a very personal sounds that strays less into heavier rock

1) Ozzy Osbourne: Down to Earth -> Although speaking of heavier rock…I have no idea how this happened, but this album shows some sympathetic artistry between myself and Ozzy.  I suppose there are worse connections!  But almost every song on this album made me think immediately of some character in my main series, and it has a very epic feel.

Those are some ones that work for me!  Now to get back to writing 😉


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