2016 Birthday Playlist

Happy Birthday to me!

And as you do, here’s my playlist gift to myself, with some good things to dance to and some old favorites.

  1. “Cheap Thrills” – Sia (Because I have been addicted to this album the past week, and I, too, am ultimately a simple person who loves cheap thrills.  My dancing appears at 3:07.)
  2. “Take Me Out” – Franz Ferdinand (An old favorite, and of course, I’m just a crosshair in the grand scheme of life.)
  3. “Tear It Up” – Queen (This goes on every birthday mix I make because a) this album was released the year I was born and b) ‘I love you for your mind, baby, give me your body’ will NEVER NOT MAKE ME LAUGH.  Also Freddie/Queen toys at my birthday parties are always appropriate.)
  4. “I’m Only Human” – The Parlotones (I felt I needed one of their songs, and it is great to dance to.  Also, it starts the religious trend of the next few songs dealing with the dichotomy of play/sin.)
  5. “The Denial Twist” – The White Stripes (Could you not dance to this song?  I think not.  Also #thisisme ‘they start putting on their shoes and walking out and sing ‘boy, I think I’ve had enough.”)
  6. “Slither” – Velvet Revolver (A generally underrated band, because they had SOME good songs.  Here’s to you, Scott Weiland, don’t mind me thrashing over here.)
  7. “Into the Night” – Santana f. Chad Kroeger (Another older song, but I have it on a playlist for a book I’m working on, and boy, it does make me dance on the walk home from work.)
  8. “Of the Night” – Bastille (I wanted a Bastille song on because they’re one of my current favorites, but there aren’t TOO many that aren’t terribly sad in one way or another.  So some classic remake beauty will have to do.)
  9. “Doesn’t Remind Me” – Audioslave (The playlist is taking a slight turn to the mellow, but it is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands, so there it is.  And it’s good enough to jam to, although not quite the best for dancing.)
  10. “Time is Running Out” – Muse (Memento Mori, Birthday girl.  Also a great song for dancing, I used to use it to practice at home when I was taking ballroom dance.  Cha cha, I believe.  Truth.)
  11. “All the Stars in Texas” – Ludo (Because I miss Texas.  And Ludo’s sass, for that matter.  The music world is missing their genius.)

Have a great weekend, everyone, and enjoy some upbeat music!


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