Instrumental Playlist (aka, Nobuo Uematsu is Great)

(playlist edited 5/23/16)

So in a couple of weeks, I’m going to visit some friends, and I am THAT PERSON who still makes mixed CDs.  So I want something appropriate to my friends (i.e. nerdy) that they could also listen to in the car with two young children.

So, instrumental Final Fantasy music!  Really, I adore Nobuo Uematsu’s work (and video game music in general), with the games and with “The Black Mages.”  I didn’t put any “Black Mages” on here in case they’re a little too heavy.  I want a general light mood, so staying with soundtrack and remixes that don’t get too crazy.  If you know the games, these songs can be emotional, but.

I have it at 55 minutes right now, so I may add another FFX song, but right now, the list is: (edited: now at 65 minutes)

  1. Humble Beginnings, Great Expectations (The Prelude) – FFVI: Balance and Ruin Remix (because you have to start with the prelude.  And I love Uematsu’s story for the intro piece)
  2. Love Grows – FFVIII (nice spin of the main love song)
  3. Ending Theme – FFX (tears forever.  My friend is currently playing FFX, so it’s important to have on there)
  4. Succession of Witches – FFVIII (like ‘Love Grows,’ a version of one of the most important songs of the game)
  5. Trauermarsch (Last Dungeon) – FFVI: Balance and Ruin Remix
  6. Blackjack – FFVI (Setzer is one of my favorite characters–in general, I love the gambler class–and this song is actually my ring tone, too)
  7. Normal Battle – FFX (because we need a battle song, right?)
  8. The Man with the Machine Gun – FFVIII
  9. Gogo – FFVI
  10. Residents – FFVIII (just because it’s sort of a weird song.  It fits with the Gogo theme for that reason)
  11. Ending Suite (Ending Theme) – FFVI: Balance and Ruin Remix
  12. Victory Theme – various/Distant Worlds version (because awesome way to end, right?)

The playlist is heavily geared towards FFVI because they, like me, hold that as the paradigm of Final Fantasy.  However, for Christmas I gave them a whole assortment of Final Fantasy, so I thought I would put some VIII and X on there, as those are likely my next two favorite FFs, and I’m hoping they’ll get to VIII soon.  My friend is probably 1/3rd through FFX now, so she should be finishing that this summer?  Hard to say!  But in any case, a nice assortment of some favorite songs from FFVI (maybe I should add Mog’s Theme?) and a sample of the best from FFVIII and FFX.

But I do have more time, so if anyone reads this and has some favorites from VI, VIII, or X, let me know what you’d put on the CD!


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