Album Commentary: Esther’s Dream – OC ReMix

In this post, I pretend to know anything about kids.


Aww.  This is adorable!  I passed it along to one of my gamer friends who is a parent, and I’ll definitely keep it in mind in the future.  I think I would cut out a few of the tracks, admittedly, but overall, it’s really nice.  The discs in theory are broken up according to time–playtime, naptime, etc.–and you can tell that some of them would not be really good for naptime.  Which initially confused me, because I thought they were all lullabies, and I would not let my baby listen to some of these when trying to sleep.

Not that I have a baby, but if I did.

Check its website for the full tracklisting, but I was more than pleased that a lot of tracks are from SquareEnix and Zelda games.  That always makes me feel at home, not that the rest are bad by any means.  Even the tracks I don’t recognize are enjoyable to listen to, which really speaks to OC ReMix’ purpose–the promotion of video game music as an art.  I think they’re right.  Music is so important (for me) to tap into particular moments and memories.  It’s good to work with, have in the background for social occasions, that sort of thing.  I definitely have a “Classical Video Game Music” playlist I play at events and listen to at the office.  Inoffensive and SO GOOD.  So check out OC ReMix and enjoy the music!


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