Top Ten (Five): Video Game Soundtracks

(NB: “I am Setsuna” is not on this list, but a) have I mentioned how excited I am for this game?, and b) it’s in the genre the other games are and I try to only post ‘official’ YouTube videos.)

On the heels of last post, and while currently playing a game that does not have a intense soundtrack* and EAGERLY awaiting “I am Setsuna,” I wanted to make a brief list of some games with amazing soundtracks.

(*by that, I mean “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”  It does have a soundtrack and sound prompts at different times, but there is also a lot of silence that I’m not really used to in my RPGs.)

I only picked one from each series, because otherwise I would probably just talk about all the Final Fantasy games.  You’ll notice immediately a trend towards classic JRPGs.  I am a predictable penguin.  Honorable mention goes to “Donkey Kong Country.”

  1. Secret of Mana – The Mana series is getting some press recently (Happy Anniversary!), and with good reason.  I only remember what was released in America as “Secret of Mana” well, but the sprite was a gift to humankind (I always play as the sprite).  The soundtrack is definitely old school, and with enough orchestral to be very moving.
  2. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – Mario + Squaresoft.  Everything about this game is perfection.  The mechanics, the graphics, the storyline, the characters, and–of course–the music.  Especially when they call out that they’re ripping of FF themes with Culex.  I haven’t played this game in AGES, but it is one of the truly greats.
  3. Chrono Cross – I remember the first time I heard the main theme (“Scars of Time”), and immediately loved it.  That might have been the reason I bought it before “Final Fantasy VIII” (I distinctly remember after I got the PS2 and going back to get PS1 games I had missed out on, debating whether to start with CC or FFVIII).  While I might have made the wrong choice in terms of enjoyment of story and gameplay, I will never regret this soundtrack.  “Chrono Trigger” has an excellent soundtrack, as well, but this game actually has an in-game rock concert, so that tips it over the edge.  (Although, it doesn’t have “Johnny’s Theme,” and that’s sad.  I really love that track from CT)
  4. Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – What pulled this one ahead of others is basically: a) it’s one of my favorite Zelda games and b) Guru-guru’s Song.  Yes, yes, the other tracks are nice, but Guru-guru I love (it always reminds me of one of the Willy Wonka songs).  The full soundtrack is probably not something I would listen to on a whim, but I love that it has some weird tracks.  The soundtrack is just all over the place, just like this game.  ❤
  5. Final Fantasy VI – Everyone who knows me know that I’m going to put this track at the top of my list (inverse the numbers of this count).  While the others in the series have amazing soundtracks as well, I’m giving this game the place of honor because a) it’s my favorite, b) it’s the most complex of the pre-PS era, c) there’s an OPERA in the game, and d) street-wise, slam-dancing moogle.  Your argument is invalid.

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