Album Commentary: A/B – Kaleo

I know I’m way behind on this train, but I’m not always as good as I should be about finding new music and the like.  I rely a lot on the radio, which is not a reliable source of new music.  Nevertheless, Kaleo’s “No Good” did pop up on the radio the other day, and once more, instant love.

I shouldn’t be surprised this band is from Iceland.  Iceland apparently has an awesome music scene.

I immediately loved “No Good” because it had strong “Vintage Trouble” vibes–and hey, Kaleo and Ty Taylor did both record songs for “Vinyl,” so I guess I was right on the mark.

It just came out a month ago.  Go listen to it all on YouTube or get it for cheap on one of the many digital music venues.

Seriously.  Now.  It’s amazing.

Track listing:

  1. “No Good”
  2. “Way Down We Go”
  3. “Broken Bones”
  4. “Glass House”
  5. “Hot Blood”
  6. “All the Pretty Girls”
  7. “Automobile”
  8. “Vor í Vaglaskógi
  9. “Save Yourself”
  10. “I Can’t Go On Without You”

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