Breaking News: Songs from Final Fantasy XV – Florence + the Machine

I know I’ve mentioned this at some point before, but FLORENCE + THE MACHINE IS DOING SONGS FOR FINAL FANTASY XV.  AHH!!!!  Your argument is invalid.  This is amazing.  And, best yet, there is NOW TODAY a full EP out with the official song–a cover of “Stand By Me”–and two others.  I wonder if the other two will appear in game?

Literally, there are three things I’m excited about in Final Fantasy XV.  I am not looking forward to the story or the mechanics.  But I am looking forward to the graphics, the incidental music, and FLORENCE WELCH.  It would be awesome if they used all these songs in the game at some point.  Fingers crossed, y’all.  We’ll find out in…6 weeks?  Which means I’ll figure it out in about four months, because that’s how long it will take me to beat the game with work, but it will be worth it for these songs.

Full track list is here, and you can listen to them all officially on Rhapsody, Spotify, YouTube, or buy them from the regular places.  It was only $3, so I put in the money myself.

  1. “Too Much is Never Enough”
  2. “Stand By Me”
  3. “I Will Be”

And you can listen to Florence’s words on the project here:

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