Concert Commentary: Final Fantasy XV at Abbey Road

Life’s been busy, but excited to be back–fittingly with another FFXV music post.  I’m getting more excited about this game, not because it’s going to be necessarily great, but I’m accepting what it is, and I think there are going to be things to enjoy.  I’m trying to not get my hopes too high, especially about Luna, but we shall see.  I’ve watched most of the anime, and I do have the movie, although I haven’t watched it yet.  I’ve stayed away from the gameplay and spoilers, but of course I’m going to watch the concert.

It’s exciting to see the composer–Shimomura Yoko–because I still associate Nobuo Uematsu with the franchise, but the times, they are a-changing.  She seems really sweet!  And her music is amazing!

The setlist:

  1. Songs of the Stars / Dawn
  2.  Fight Fantastica
  3.  Nox Aeterna
  4. Luna
  5. End of the Road
  6. Wonderful View (Tentative Name)
  7. Starlit Waltz
  8. Noctis
  9. Omnis Lacrima
  10. Veiled Aggression
  11. Somnus
  12. Apocalypsis Noctis (feat. FFXV composer Yoko Shimomura)

Some of these songs were in the demo–and all the music in that is amazing.  “Starlit Waltz” is still probably my favorite, and it’s even more whimsical live.  I would dance to this.  But I will agree with the commentators that “Noctis” is very powerful.  I am starting to worry for everyone in this game ;_;  And then third favorite, perhaps “Veiled Aggression.”  It wouldn’t be Final Fantasy without some awesome battle music, am I right?

So we’ll have to see how the story goes, but at least we know that the music is solid, between Florence and Yoko.  Spread the Classical Video Game love, y’all.


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