Album Commentary: Wild World – Bastille

Despite my silence here on the blog, I have been listening to Bastille almost nonstop since its release.  Bastille is, hands down, one of the best, if not THE best, current band.  Each song is engaging, both ethereal enough to serve as background music, while also thoughtful enough to simply sit down and analyze the lyrics.  This album is on par with their debut, “Bad Blood,” continuing their style.  Nothing unexpected, just more of the same great style.

I admit that from their first singles, I wasn’t sure it would live up.  Bastille’s albums are best listened to as full albums.  As a listener, I really appreciate that.  I would and do recommend Bastille to anyone who likes music.  Go.  Listen.  Now.

1. “Good Grief” 3:26
2. “The Currents” 3:24
3. “An Act of Kindness” 3:28
4. “Warmth” 3:49
5. “Glory” 4:41
6. “Power” 3:29
7. “Two Evils” 2:46
8. “Send Them Off!” 3:20
9. “Lethargy” 3:24
10. “Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith)” 4:12
11. “Blame” 2:55
12. “Fake It” 4:04
13. “Snakes” 3:17
14. “Winter of Our Youth” 3:23

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